In-house sessions

About our in-house sessions

Our in-house sessions at Dayspace Reigate are continuing for our customers who enjoy the face-to-face approach to session-based activities. We take a flexible approach to individual requirements and offer a range of our skill-based sessions to help develop a customer’s potential.

Sessions are run between 9.30am and 2.30pm and include:

Mixspace incorporates elements from many of the different Dayspace workshops. It allows participants to try things that they may not have tried before including music, dance, cooking, computer skills and relaxation.
In Sayspace we encourage group discussion and problem solving through self-advocacy. The group discuss any issues they feel relevant, providing opportunities to advise each other and find solutions. This helps develop a sense of validation and independence.
Relaxspace takes place in our sensory room, where we create a calm, therapeutic atmosphere. Participants can enjoy hand and foot massages, foot spas and guided relaxation.
This popular, creative session encourages participants to explore and express their individuality through a variety of artistic processes and mediums. We often print cards of the beautiful artwork created in these workshops with the proceeds going to charity. We also hold our annual Artspace exhibition to display and sell the work.
This session gives people a chance to practice their performance skills, whether stand-up, acting, or dance. We use games and different drama techniques to help people express themselves and engage with their emotions.
Tea dance
On Fridays, we hold the popular Silverspace Teadance, taking a trip down memory lane with tea, cake and live music. Everyone is encouraged to request their favourite classic song. You can clap, sing along, or get up and have a dance.
In Soundspace we explore music of all forms. It is an interactive group where everyone is encouraged to express themselves using percussion, guitars and voice. Participants can request their favourite music to share with the group and we also have a traditional African drum circle, which encourages a real sense of togetherness through teamwork.
Soundspace 2
This session has been developed for individuals who appreciate music, but prefer a more intimate, calm environment. While Soundspace takes place within a larger, louder group, Soundspace2 participants enjoy a more ‘mellow’ atmosphere.
Dancespace 2
We offer dance sessions tailored for wheelchair users or those with limited physical abilities. This fun, energetic session encourages social interaction and promotes the benefits of dance and movement for physical and mental health.

Sessions returning to Dayspace when it is safe to do so… 

In this cookery session we encourage independence by making a wide variety of foods. We teach cooking skills, kitchen techniques, food hygiene and nutrition knowledge. In our longer sessions, there’s the chance to get involved in choosing ingredients and planning out menus.
Those that attend Pamperspace get to enjoy various beauty and pampering treatments in a sociable, friendly, salon-style environment. Participants are encouraged to relax and engage in friendly conversation, improving social skills and confidence.
This fun, energetic session encourages social interaction and promotes the benefits of dance and movement for physical and mental health. We also offer sessions tailored for wheelchair users or those with limited physical abilities.
This is an exercise group for individuals who have limited mobility or find exercise difficult. With music playing, we enjoy a variety of games designed to encourage gentle movement, teamwork and social interaction. It’s a lively atmosphere and everyone is encouraged to join in the fun!

Introducing Digispace

Dayspace is excited to be able to offer a new session giving customers the opportunity to develop digital and broadcasting skills. 

Participants will have the chance to be involved in the production and hosting of the Dayspace podcast, get creative with videos for our YouTube channel and much more.  Whether customers choose to be on camera or work behind the scenes, they will be provided with the skills to use the  technology that makes it all happen!

If you would like to organise a free taster session at Dayspace Caterham where this session is run, please contact us.


We are a covid-secure business and follow all necessary guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff. As a result, our sessions are much smaller and have been timetabled to restrict the number of people in the building and allow time for cleaning between each session.

Please view our Covid-Secure video for more information.