Since 2011 we have been running a weekly programme of creative and practical sessions for adults with a learning disability in Caterham and Reigate.

In March 2020, we were forced to rethink how we provide our service to a customer base that, in the main, find change challenging. Knowing that the Covid-19 lockdown was imminent, we started filming pre-recorded sessions and have continued to post daily engaging activity sessions to our social media channels so everyone can access this free resource – #dayspaceathome.

In June 2020 we started to welcome a small group of customers back into our day centres, but recognising this was not an option for the majority, we started to offer live interactive online sessions as an alternative. These online sessions allow customers to participate and socialise with their Dayspace friends and have continued to grow in popularity as our customers gain confidence in this new way of engaging with regular activities.

As we continue to serve the local community and beyond, we cover a variety of activities including Art, Dance, Makaton Music & Digital Media skills. Our strength is in our team – highly experienced support workers who use their creative talents to unlock the potential within our customers.

Please get in touch as we’d love to tell you more about our unique approach to day services.






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