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Our Interactive Online Sessions and Session Videos are a great way for our customers to access activities from home. Regardless of your location, as long as you have access to Wi-Fi and a tablet or computer you can join our timetabled interactive sessions or watch our pre-recorded session videos time and again

Interactive Sessions

Our Interactive Sessions are ‘live’ and run by our digital team as part of an ongoing weekly programme of activities. With careful consideration we have selected sessions that will work on an online platform and provide the skills and benefits required while continuing to engage, stimulate and enthuse our customers.

Join in

Joining an interactive session is easy.  As long as you have access to a tablet or laptop you can download the Zoom App and enter in the code we provide for the session.  For more information click here to view our step-by-step video guide. 


This popular, creative session encourages participants to explore and express their individuality through a variety of artistic processes and mediums. Online, this session allows people to follow the session leader through an artistic process and enjoy sharing their work with others.


Signspace is an opportunity to explore the use of Makaton and to develop skills in using the signs and symbols to help people communicate. Using Makaton to support the spoken word we will be doing Makaton activities which include learning the signs to popular songs.


In Soundspace we explore music of all forms. It is an interactive group where everyone is encouraged to express themselves using percussion and voice. Led by enthusiastic professional musicians, participants can request their favourite songs to sing along to.


This session gives people a chance to practice their performance skills, whether stand-up, acting, or dance. We use games and different drama techniques to help people express themselves and engage with their emotions and each other.



This fun, energetic session encourages social interaction online and promotes the benefits of dance and movement for physical and mental health. We also offer Seated Dancespace sessions tailored for wheelchair users or those with limited physical abilities.


In Sayspace we encourage group discussion and problem solving through self-advocacy. The group discuss any issues they feel relevant, providing opportunities to advise each other and find solutions. This helps develop a sense of validation, independence and cultivates friendships.


Taking a trip down memory lane our professional musicians play classic songs from a time gone by. Everyone is encouraged to request their favourite classic song while clapping, singing and dancing along. This session is aimed at our older customers but is open to all.

Session Videos

As part of our Dayspace Online programme we have a catalogue of pre-recorded session videos available so that you can watch and join in at a time that suits you. These videos are available to view as part of the Dayspace Online packages.


All interactive sessions are run as part of an ongoing weekly programme and different priced packages are available to reflect the number of sessions customers would like to participate in. Before you decide which package to take, we encourage everyone to take a free taster session to assess what type of session is suitable.

For more information or to enquire about our free taster sessions, please contact us.

*DayspaceGo is only available for venues within a 15-mile radius of Dayspace.

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