Online Sessions


Learn this rhythm cup tap along to Lean On Me. It’s tricky so you may have to watch a couple of times, but don’t give up.
We often enjoy a quiz in our Mixspace sessions, so here is one for you to play at home
Play this quiz at home with your household. Enjoy!
A quiz the whole household can play.

Have you ever tried napkin folding? Follow Thalia’s guide for a fun way to set the table. 

Test your knowledge of sixties music with our quiz. Good Luck!

Test your knowledge of seventies music with our quiz. Can you beat your score from our sixties music quiz? Good Luck!

If you are looking for some new craft and game ideas, then you might like to try making your own dominoes. 

Test your knowledge of eighties music with our quiz. Can you beat your score from our sixties and seventies music quizes? Good Luck!

Ever wondered why we find floating alot easier in sea water than in the swimming pool? Well even if you have never thought about it, this is a fun science experiment all the same and easy to try at home.
New to Dayspace Online, a view of the garden with a few tips from Emma and Thalia.  
Test your knowledge of nineties music with our quiz. Can you beat your score from our sixties, seventies & eighties music quizes? Good Luck!
Continuing with our weekly music quiz, test your knowledge in music all-rounder. Good Luck!
Struggle to understand what the different washing instruction symbols represent on your clothes labels, or want tips on which shelf is best to use for which food item in your fridge, then this video on household tips is a must.  

If you like food as much as we do at Dayspace, then you’ll love our food quiz. Let us know what your score is in the comments below.

Higher or Lower is a card game that you can play on your own or with everyone you live with. We hope you enjoy and good luck!

Daphne’s Poetry Corner

We are so pleased that Daphne has joined the Online Sessions series. Daphne has been writing poetry whilist in lockdown and has chosen to share her poems with Dayspace.

Daphne’s Poetry Corner

With hairdressers starting to return to work and many people desperate for a haircut, Daphne returns with a poem written in lockdown about her hair!

Higher or Lower – Episode 2 

Do you know your Milky Way from your Milky Bar? Take part in this weeks Chocolate bar quiz and see just how much of an expert you really are.

Higher or Lower – Episode 3

Thalia signs all things cat related in Makaton.

Think you know everything about Cats? Prove it!! Take part in our Cats Quiz and let us know your score.

At Dayspace we use Makaton everyday to help communicate with some of our customers. Here, Thalia and Katie are showing us the signs to words such as tree, leaf, river and rainbow. 

Join The Debate – Episode 1

Jacket or Baked? Cheese or Tuna? In the oven or microwave? These are just some of the topics up for discussion in the Potato Debate.

Miki and Katie take us through some Makaton signs related to TV.

Thalia translates some words from english to Spanish whilst including the makaton signs for these words.

Join The Debate – Episode 2

Squares or triangles? Brown or white? Freshly sliced or toasted? How do you like your sandwich?

Join The Debate – Episode 3

Remember when a salad was a lettuce leaf accompanied by a piece of cucumber? These days there are so many delicious salads made up of a vast array of food combinations that we are spoilt for choice.

Higher or Lower – Episode 4

Continuing with our spanish theme, Katie teaches us some spanish today. Do you know anyone who speak spanish that you could practice with?

This week we are looking at the Calendar year and Thalia is looking at how we sign Makaton for each month.