Online Sessions


Join Jenni in making this simple craft activity to create calm. 

Paint along with Jo to create a beautiful Dandelion flower painting.
Join your local community & create a rainbow to place in your front window. Jenni shows you how. 

Brighten up your house with some flower bunting made out of empty toilet rolls! 

Take on the challenge of making your own board game. Click here to download the instructions and materials.

What would be your dream bed? Jenni provides some ideas of what you might want yours to look like.

Paint along with Jo and make this amazing sunset picture.

Jenni shows you how to make and decorate a rainmaker. 

Jenni shows you how to create beautiful heart art.

Jenni takes you step by step through the stages of how to paint a stunning owl picture.

Jenni has prepared some VE Day decorations that we can make at home.

Create a painting without a paint brush? Jenni shows you how to it with string!

With Jenni’s guidance you can create a colourful painting, choosing your own coloured Hydrangeas.
With a little paint, paper and a pen let’s make some birthday cards.

With just paper, glue and chalk you can make the most amazing looking pictures. This ‘no rules’ art is a great one to play about with at home.

Today we learn how to create a checked hands picture – it’s easier than it first seems and the result is a striking piece of artwork.

Emma shows us how to make a dreamcatcher from items around the house, but also talks us through some of the history behind these beauitful hanging decorations.

If you have lots of old magazines or newspaper lying around, then making a collage is a fun and creative way to recycle these. Follow Jenni’s guidance and create a beautiful flower collage.

Using a different type of paint this time, Jenni shows us how to create a beautiful landscape scene using Watercolours.