Online Sessions


Join Jo at Dayspace Caterham and make this delicious Greek Cous Cous Salad.

Here is Tonai cooking a Dayspace favourite, Tuna Pasta Bake.

Tomato Soup is on the menu today. A great lunchtime option for the whole house. 

Tonai guides you through the steps to create Sweet Potato Pancakes With Dhal and Raita.

When do you like your pancakes, for breakfast or dessert? Here Stu shows us how to make fluffy pancakes. 

These Orange & Cardamom Shortbread Biscuits are a perfect accompaniment for a nice cup of tea! The recipe is on this page below in the recipe section.

This Courgette & Aubergine Bake is a great dish for the whole household.

This Veggie Bean Casserole looks so yummy, give it a try!

Julia cooks a delicious chicken & vegetable pasta bake.

Have you ever baked a cake in the microwave? Miki shows us how to make mug cakes.

Stu cooks up a carribean delight with Puerto Rican Chicken.

Fried Rice with the odds and ends in your fridge.

If you are looking for a new dessert to make during lockdown, this Chocolate mousse is the one!
A Vegetable Cottage Pie is another great dish to make and freeze.

Try Lizzie’s fail safe Macaroni Cheese.

Banana cake or loaf?  This delicious cakey loaf is perfect with a cup of tea. 

On a hot summers day a simple Lentil Salad is the perfect dish.